McDonalds vs Taco Bell is a douche

In the brief time I was forced to endure television this morning I was able to see a news piece on a McDonalds vs Taco Bell breakfast war where Mc Donald’s is giving away coffee…. fo free ….for the next couple of weeks What “thenews” piece failed to point out was this month
McDonalds switched from newmans organic fair trade to a generic “Arabica” with no claims being made to it being organic of fair trade. This is to be expected from them// I.e. Mcd’s Angus switched to “Habanero* ” which is their right/job to do so , but that it was carried by a mainstream news agency drives me nuts. Meanwhile Turkey has been caught planning a false flag against their own people to justify military action in Syria…..who else wants to attack Syria?….and the only word of it by our press(titutes) is from a single story out of USA Today.

*(I drink a lot of iced coffee )140328102900-mcdonalds-taco-bell-breakfast-wars-waffle-taco-egg-mcmuffin-00002829-620x348.jpg

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